5 Social Media Blogs Small Businesses and Nonprofits Should Follow

Social Media Marketing is Critical for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

As a small business or a nonprofit I am sure you are constantly confounded by finding way to get social media to work for you. One of the biggest mistakes I see small businesses and nonprofits make with social media is thinking that it's just important to show activity on the channel. My question to any client that tells me how important that activity is, "How are you measuring the return on your investment of time and energy?" If I draw blank stares, then I know I have a lot of coaching ahead of me. 

Simply put, if you are investing time and energy into your social media marketing efforts you will need to decide how your social media marketing efforts should contribute to your bottom line and how you will measure their impact. 

Finding Actionable Ideas Can Be Frustrating

Even after you have decided on your strategy and aligned it to your business plan, you have to feed the beast. A strong social media following that has been demonstrated to contribute to your bottom line needs constant care and feeding; rather like a prize winning race horse. Finding ways to feed the best can be it's own special source of frustration, but not to worry, there are tons of free advice and expertise out there. You just have to look for it. To save you some time I want to reshare a list I found helpful when I first started down my digital marketing path. Credit to Social Media Examiner for offering up several of these recommendations.

My List of Social Media Blogs to Follow

Hootsuite's Blog

One of the things I love about Hootsuite's Blog is that it's updated frequently, has multiple authors, and provides not just social media marketing tips, but ideas about how to implement them with your Hootsuite social media management dashboard. Since Hootsuite has a vested interest in helping customers get the most out of their product, I find their focus on the practical realities of social media marketing both helpful and refreshing.


Buffer is another social media automation platform that has some useful features if you just want a stripped down way to automate your posting. Their blog, buffersocial, is on par with Hootsuite's blog, and offers an additional ideas for actionable strategies you can start employing right away.

Check out their blog and subscribe today.

Peg Fitzpatrick's Blog

Peg is fabulous on many levels, especially with her laser-focus on content marketing. Content marketing, for those to whom this is a new term, is using your blog to write about and market your product or service. If you are reading this blog article, this is an example of using a blog to highlight the products and services offered by Google Analytics. It's an effective strategy for helping professional services businesses and nonprofits get the word out about who they are and how they deliver value. Peg's blog focuses specifically on how to get the most out of your blog, especially when it comes to providing high quality blog posts with high engagement potential on social media.

Check out her blog and subscribe today.

Rebekah Radice's Blog

I love reading Rebehak Radice's blog since she is a master of providing quick and easy to read content that's both thoughtful and actionable. Her strategies are highly effective and focus on measurability as well as creativity. You can't manage what you can't measure, and a social media strategy without a measurable outcome is just busy work. Rebekah is brilliant when it comes to explaining social media strategies in terms of measurable outcomes for any small business or nonprofit.

Check out her blog and subscribe today.

Simply Measured's Blog

For marketers specifically looking for data-driven strategies, Simply Measured is an excellent product that can help you measure the impact of a social media campaign beyond what Google Analytics can tell you about the amount of site traffic generated by a campaign. While Simply Measured might be out of the price range for many small businesses or nonprofits, their blog is full of great strategies for data-driven social media strategies. Even if you can't always measure the effectiveness of your social media reach without spending a lot of time merging data from various analytics packages, you can implement strategies that are likely to produce the results you need by following some of the strategies they recommend.

Check out their blog and subscribe today.

What Social Media Blogs Do you Follow?

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