We Believe All Organizations Can Be Great Organizations

Your people are your greatest asset & we can ensure your training systems investment is a smart one.

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Argyle Analytics is an organizational performance improvement & workplace learning consultancy. We specialize in training systems design, learning management system implementations, and knowledge management solutions. With our team of talented consultants, we can tackle just about any talent development challenge your organization faces.

We Believe Training Is An Investment

Smart organizations create portfolios of learning solutions aligned to organizational objectives.

We collaborate with our clients to help them develop a portfolio of learning solutions aligned with organizational goals. Whether you are starting from brass tacks or you are looking to optimize your current training system, Argyle Analytics is there to help you maximize the impact of your training and development budget. We turn training from a cost center to a strategic investment.

We Want All Organizations To Be SMart Organizations

Thought leadership & insights on everything from training to knowledge management and everything in between.

Training Is Only Part of The Answer

Training is only part of the performance puzzle and we want to investigate what is impacting on-the-job performance.

Argyle Analytics is conducting an ongoing study to investigate what impacts on-the-job performance for employees. We are conducting a confidential survey based on the work of Thomas F. Gilbert and Roger Chevalier study factors beyond training that impact employee performance and engagement.