What data do we track?

We track anonymous user data using Google Analytics. Google Analytics prohibits the storage of Personally Identifying Information (PII) about individual users. We also comply with this policy in how we have set up this website.

What data does Squarespace collect?

We built our website on Squarespace. Squarespace has a separate privacy policy, and we would ask you to review their policy if you have concerns or questions.

Do you collect data through forms or other mechanisms?

Yes, we collect some personally identifying information, but only if you wish to offer it. If provided freely, we store email addresses and other PII to send occasional notifications via email. When users of our website sign up for a newsletter, we store this data in MailChimp, our chosen newsletter platform. Here is a link to the MailChimp privacy policy.

Argyle Analytics will also occasionally conduct surveys using Google Forms. We store the data we collect these surveys in Google Drive. We use this survey data to help understand industry trends and to report aggregated statistics in presentations, blog posts, and other outward facing company communications. Our surveys are generally anonymous, but in some cases, we do collect PII which we old strictly confidential. Here is a link to the Google Drive privacy policy.

What do you do with the data you collect?

In most cases, we are only looking at the data in the aggregate since we are not interested in the behavior of individual users. As described earlier in this policy, sometimes we will use this data for business reasons. 

Argyle Analytics does not -- nor will we ever -- sell any of the data we collect about our website visitors. The information we collect is of minimal commercial value, but even still we promise we will never share your PII with anyone for any reason.

How do I ask you to delete my data?

Where possible we will be happy to delete your data. If we have collected PII from you at any point in the past, we commit to working with you to remove it from our systems. In some cases, we may need a little time to figure out how to remove that data, and we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible (e.g., Google Analytics does not collect PII so we cannot pick you out of the data Google Analytics Collects). We offer you this covenant; if you are willing to work with us, we will work with you. Please contact kevin@argyleanalytics.net if you have any questions.