We Improve Employee Performance

No matter where your employees are, we can help you improve their productivity and performance.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to help you develop custom training solutions for your employees. Whether you need a mobile-friendly training program or a well designed knowledge management solution, Argyle Analytics is here to help.

You know that training is part of the solution, but we can help you figure out the other pieces Of the puzzle

You know your business well enough to know you need training. However, there often a wide variety of other issue lurking in places you didn't expect. It's our business to know what those issues are and to help you find them. A proper needs assessment and sufficient analysis on the front-end of an engagement can tell you what challenges training will fix and what other learning solutions will help you close performance gaps. Argyle Analytics will collaborate with you and your team to identify performance gaps based on the key metrics you use to measure your success. From there, we will help you identify which learning solutions will close those gaps and prioritize where you should invest your training budget.

Front-End Analysis


Front-end analysis takes a deep look at your business and answers the question, "Is it just training, or is there more?" Often times, the answer is, "yes," but it's hard to identify what more you need to do. Argyle Analytics takes a data-driven approach to helping you chart the landscape of your business and figure out what's truly needed to improve the performance of your workforce.

Needs Assessments


You know you need training, but do you know what their exact training needs are? Argyle Analytics will partner with your business to uncover the exact skills and knowledge that your employees need to perform on the next level. You might know most of the story, but we will help you learn more about your business than you ever thought possible.

Learning Portfolios


Once we know what training your organization needs, we make sure you're not just throwing money at the problem. We will work with you to help you develop a portfolio of solution that aligned with your key business metrics. Training is a serious investment and Argyle Analytics can help reap a healthy return on your investment in employee learning.

Imagine a training solution that fit your business like a glove

Off-the-shelf training has it's place, but it often leaves a lot to be desired. Off-the-shelf training often leaves employees with no clue on how to apply their new knowledge on the job. A well designed training system should give your business the learning solutions it needs to help employees be more productive on the job the day they complete their training.

Curriculum Architecture


Most things in life have an underlying structure: buildings, websites, and even training programs. Argyle Analytics can help you develop the underlying structure of your training program to ensure your curriculum architecture aligns with your business objectives.

Training Program Evaluation


You wouldn't hand over a large sum of money to a consultancy on a wing and a prayer so we don't ask you to. The analytics in Argyle Analytics refers to our passion for measuring the impact that training has on your business. We collaborate with our clients to develop program evaluations that can satisfy the need to demonstrate the impact of your investment in training.

Train-the-Trainer Services


You may already have a team of people dedicated to training your employees and customers, but we can help your trainers level-up. We can teach them the art and science of instructional design, advanced classroom training techniques, and even how to gamify your current training programs to keep them fun and engaging for your employees.

Instructional Design


We are proud to offer instructional design services in over 250 languages. Whether you need video production, click-by-click software tutorials, or instructor led training, Argyle Analytics is ready to produce learning experiences that meet your business needs and produce measurable results.

we can help you pick the Learning Management System with the features you need to Drive Results

Learning Management Systems, or Learning Content Management Systems, are the backbone of most training programs. In just a few year's time, the number of options have multiplied to the point where it's hard to evaluate which one is right for you. We can help you select the learning management system with the right features and even help you implement it.

Learning Management System Selection


We use a balanced scorecard approach to help you decide which Learning Management System is right for you. We will work with you to develop a prioritized list of features and then do an exhaustive search of the options available on the market today.

Learning Management System Roll-Outs


Once you select a learning management system you need to implement it. We can make these implementations a great deal easier on your business by guiding the process and helping you roll out your first eLearning program

Training Infrastructure


A training system is more than just the sum of its parts. We can help you map out the touch-points between your classrooms, video hosting, knowledge management, and other performance support solutions. Our holistic approach analyzing your needs and crafting a training system that works for you is the

Training is just the start of what we can do to improve your business performance.

Training is just the start of what we can do to tap the investment you've made in your employees. Process improvements, leadership development, and knowledge management are all part of the larger set of solutions that can help your business stay several steps ahead of the competition.

Organizational Learning


It's not enough that your employees learning, but your business as a whole needs to learn as well. We can help you develop systems and strategies for helping you scan your competitive landscape, promote the sharing of lessons learned among your teams, and generally help your whole organization stay on top of the latest and greatest that's happening inside and outside your business.


Knowledge Management


Every time an employee leaves your business you lose astronomical amounts of intellectual property. While non-disclosure agreements offer you some protection, you will never get back the knowledge in that employee's head. A Knowledge Management program can ensure your organization retains critical intellectual property. Stop re-inventing the wheel and start managing your knowledge. 

Leadership Development


There is an old saying that, "People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses." For small businesses this is the single largest reason why their turnover is so high. Great business leaders have great people skills and Argyle Analytics can help you develop those skills. Retain your most valuable employees by giving them a boss that is supportive no matter how demanding they need to be.

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