Imagine a training solution that fit your business like a glove

Off-the-shelf training has it's place, but it often leaves a lot to be desired. Off-the-shelf training often leaves employees with no clue on how to apply their new knowledge on the job. A well designed training system should give your business the learning solutions it needs to help employees be more productive on the job the day they complete their training.

Curriculum Architecture


Most things in life have an underlying structure: buildings, websites, and even training programs. Argyle Analytics can help you develop the underlying structure of your training program to ensure your curriculum architecture aligns with your business objectives.

Training Program Evaluation


You wouldn't hand over a large sum of money to a consultancy on a wing and a prayer so we don't ask you to. The analytics in Argyle Analytics refers to our passion for measuring the impact that training has on your business. We collaborate with our clients to develop program evaluations that can satisfy the need to demonstrate the impact of your investment in training.

Train-the-Trainer Services


You may already have a team of people dedicated to training your employees and customers, but we can help your trainers level-up. We can teach them the art and science of instructional design, advanced classroom training techniques, and even how to gamify your current training programs to keep them fun and engaging for your employees.

Instructional Design


We are proud to offer instructional design services in over 250 languages. Whether you need video production, click-by-click software tutorials, or instructor led training, Argyle Analytics is ready to produce learning experiences that meet your business needs and produce measurable results.